Thursday, July 9, 2009


hihi everybody..sorry for long time didn't update my wanna share a news to you guys..
This coming Ogos 8 and 9, REAL edu,which is my college ''boss'' will having a raising funds for charity, hope you guys will come and have a look..
A good news for this charity function, my baoc1zhok will appear on the T-shirt..hehehehe...who want to buy faster come ohh..^^
To who that don't know how to go Bukit Jalil..
you can take train~~
KTM----Bandaraya/tasik selatan station, change Star LRT to sri petaling line to BUKIT JALIL station.
PUTRA LRT-----from majlis Jamek station..change Star LRT to sri petaling line to BUKIT JALIL station.
STAR LRT-------take sri petaling line to BUKIT JALIL. if your house area is ampang may change to sri petaling line at station CHAN SAO LIN.


Friday, March 27, 2009

edit by frensssss

hi everyone...^^
i come upload thing lorrr
my senior and friendsss...was modify some baobao for me..lest show u all^^

nice or not?? got spider dunno what gangster_bao...
mushroom_bao also got~~~ i also wan faint... @..@

Monday, March 16, 2009


please download the pdf file and also jpeg modify ur own design~~~^^ please send me back after u guys modify wohhh!!! my e-mail

Sunday, March 15, 2009


hello people.
i've created the templates just for you guys so that u would be able to modify the character whereby u are able to apply your own designs.. do send them back to me at my email in order to place your very own design in this particular blog! :)
Both PDF file (click HERE) and JPEG file (click on the picture) are available. thanks~

Saturday, March 14, 2009

my birthday card outcome.....

wawawa~~~~baoc1zhok so good to me~~
they make a birthday card for me leh..
^^jealous or not...hehehehehe...that's only one in the earth...walao~~^^
thanks baossssssssss^^

Lelong Lelong~~~kawaii 的日式扇子~~~~
Lelong Lelong~~~~~独一无二~~~only one in the world~~~^^


harlo everybody~~~~baoc1zhok was coming out 2 set of calender for 2009..^^